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The Program

We have a full weekly program, utilising all the best components of CBT, The Minnesota model and Mindfulness meditation techniques. Our program is following what is widely accepted by the medical and addiction community worldwide as the most effective way forward. Ours is a modern holistic approach to recovery and comprises of the following elements of treatment models. You will have learned a lot about your addiction in primary treatment but here you will put into practice all you have learned whilst still having the support of self help groups and sober coaching sessions.

  • The Minnesota Model, also known also as the abstinence model. Using modern bite-sized workshops to breakdown the 12 step program with easier language to enable better understanding form our varied client base.
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) widely used in addiction treatment, challenging negative self talk, managing triggers, managing negative feelings and challenging behaviours not conducive to recovery.
  • Mindfulness Meditation has it’s home in SE Asia but is now used around the world in dealing with cases of depression, anxiety and PTSD. It has now become respected as an effective evidence based tool in the field of addiction treatment for managing cravings, gaining healthy sleep patterns and the ability of calming thought processes that could possibly be negative to recovery.

Upon arrival clients are expected to be drug and alcohol free and take part in all aspects of the program which will give a daily routine and structure to their newly found freedom. The program is not as intense as that of primary treatment but is the next step in finding and making your own program for when you get home. Clients are also encouraged to build a program of their own whilst here and any help they may need in doing so will be made available by our dedicated staff.

Sea Kayaking

We go to the local beach once or twice a week for an hour group session of Kayaking this is beginner level so all can join in and be taught the basics. Its also a fun way to get another exercise session under your belt. Your new sober/drug free life will involve looking for new hobbies just like this. So why wait start now and have fun whilst doing so.



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