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Joel came to us for three months after doing three mont

I had been to rehab a few times before but had always relapsed soon after leaving. I knew I needed to do something different this time, so I came to Hope House. It was a crucial transition that helped me practice the tools I picked up at primary treatment in real life situations. I learned how to deal with various triggers and cravings. I learned how to live with discipline and self-motivation.

I had smashed myself to pieces for years with heroin addiction. When I got clean I had crippling anxiety and low self-esteem. But with the help of the sober house I’ve rebuilt myself and my life. I have been clean for more than a year now. I’m happy and confident and live a meaningful, rewarding life.

I loved the program here because it has variety and the staff are incredible. The sober coaching here was great. I had always been skeptical of the 12 Steps, but working through them with the staff here has given me a better perspective on life, myself and others. Combined with exercise, mindfulness meditation and CBT, which has helped me challenge my negative thinking, I got a really solid foundation in recovery here.

I liked Bang Sare so much I stayed here after treatment and have built a new life for myself. I found a sponsor locally and I continued to go to meetings and work the steps. I’m so grateful to the sober house for helping me to turn my life around.


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