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Chris came to us after completing 2 months primary treatment at a successful rehab in Thailand. He had been quite resistant there and proved to be still a little resistant to the program on his arrival.

Hope House Thailand provided me a wonderful entry into every day life. My backstory is not a good one, I was a heavy poly-substance abuser for 12 years. After failed rehabs and many relapses attempting to get clean on my own, I finally surrendered and truly wanted to get clean. After primary treatment, I knew that I could not go back to my old life and needed to have further support. I simply did not know how to live life without the use of drugs and alcohol. The balanced program provided at the house gave me the tools I needed not only to learn how to enjoy daily life without the use of drugs, but it also taught me how to love myself. Their involvement in the 12 step programs increased my self-esteem and made me much happier with myself. The exercise (spiritual and physical) increased my serenity and physical health to a point that after so much drug abuse, I didn’t think was possible. After 2 months at the house, I decided to extend my stay for one month, and now I have built a new life for myself in Bang Sare. I’m infinitely happier as a person, and am excited about the life that is ahead of me. There was a lot of work involved, but it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world.


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