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Below are the answers to our most common SEO questions.

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What makes Local SEO Expert different from other SEO Companies?

Other SEO companies take your money each month with very little information about what they are doing and no plan. At Local SEO Expert, our processes change that so you have a clear picture of how we will grow your rankings and website traffic.

Do you guarantee Google rankings?

Nobody can guarantee Google rankings. Google uses over 200 signals in its ranking algorithm, so SEO is constantly evolving. In fact it is actually against Google’s guidelines to do so.

Here at Local SEO Expert we have a proven track record of flourishing after major Google updates due to our use of “White Hat” techniques, and constant monitoring of best practices and industry changes.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

It varies depending on a number of factors.

  • How new is the website?
  • Where do you rank currently?
  • How competitive are the target keywords?

Typically our clients see major increases in website traffic within 3 months.

How important is keyword ranking?

Broadly speaking, higher keyword rankings mean more website visitors as a result. However, the focus should be on targeted website traffic. There’s no point ranking for 100s of keywords or phrases if nobody is using them in the search engines to find your products or services.

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